This symposium focuses on how to integrate Sustainable Development issues into research and innovation processes. It is intended for sharing recent knowledge and results in theory and practices of Innovation and Sustainable Development. Today, innovation is considered one of the main factors in the economic development of territories. Furthermore, Innovation notably favors the growth of wealth and the reduction of income disparities between countries. Remember, however, that this is a complex concept, especially when we associate it with the challenges of sustainable development.

Moreover, global economic growth in recent decades has been achieved at the expense of the environment and the preservation of ecosystems. In Africa, for example, growth has largely been based on massive exploitation of natural resources beyond their regenerative capacity. At the same time, the strong urbanization of the continent poses a significant risk of congestion, congestion and pollution. Combined with the effects of climate change, the vulnerability of the African continent is inevitable in the years to come besides, the integration of sustainable development into the life cycle of the company remains important to highlight the environmental criteria that generate profit on the one hand and on the other hand represent sources of innovation while putting sustainable development at the heart long-term business strategy. Sustainable development brings together the knowledge and theories that students have gained in the classroom and gives them the opportunity to apply them to craft everyday, practical solutions.

The Global Uirtus International Conference forum is intended for sharing knowledge and results in theory and practices and Innovation and Sustainable Development submit their Posters and/or Full Papers in English or in French in the following areas, but are not limited to: