Institute for Advanced Engineering and Research

Student Support Services

In the scope of its research activities, the IAER offers support services for recent graduates and practicing engineers who are interested in researching for a MRes, MPhil or PhD degree in one of the research areas.

The IEAR offers the following support services:

  • Conduct und supervisor the candidate during the whole research study.
  • Assist the candidate to select his research project. If desired, the candidate can take on one of the current proposed research projects.
  • If required, the candidate will be supported to attend required and optional courses (e.g. Research Methods) at the beginning of the program.
  • Establish a link to a suitable faculty at a top university in England, Germany or another European country where the candidate's progress will be overseen by a thesis advisor, or supervisor, who chairs a thesis committee that supervises the candidate.
  • Assist the candidate to select and attend top conferences during his study.
  • Assist the candidate to publish his research results by top scientific journals.